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I here that more nasty weather is on the way for Monday. We are looking at 10 inches with ice. Yikes!

I may not be working after all. I hope that all of you are having a good day.xoxoxo
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Title:To the Victor go the Spoils
Author:[ profile] eruditefics
Word Count:6,000
Summary:Harry is celebrating...and by celebrating we mean drinking. As a result, when his teammates deliver a treat meant to entice him, Harry doesn’t even see it coming. The question is, will he back down, or will he rise to the occasion?

Why I loved it:This was one of the stories written for this last years 2012 hp_sexstars"> fest and I looooooooved it. The way she wrote Harry was amazingly perfect. He is concerned and very confident in his own skin. He doesn't try and do what he usually does and fix everything immediately.

Draco is reluctantly vulnerable and he made my heart ache for him.

This fic had the perfect blend of flangst,fluff and hotness with the sex scene. The ending made me happy and :))))))))) I am a sucker for these kind of rent boy fics. These two are perfection together and they will always manage to figure it out. I don't think I can give anything away by that, cause you all should know I only rec happily ever after type stories. :)
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Title:Unwed Wizard: Capture the Dragon
Author:[ profile] fantasyfiend09
Word Count:18,800
Warnings:References to past domestic abuse; bottom!Draco.
Summary:Reality television has come to the wizarding world, and magic has a way of improving things.

Why I loved it:I have lots of love for this fic. It is in two parts and it is delightful fun. I must admit I hate reality shows with a passion, but I would want to watch this on tv. I looooooove fics were Pansy and Harry are friends and they are here. I think this is one adorable fic and it even has a mute Harry through most of the story. But with him unable to speak because of a curse, he is unable to put his foot in his mouth. :DDDDD

I also loved how she wrote Narcissa and portrait Snape giving Harry a helping hand.


Title:A Healthy Obsession
Author:[ profile] fantasyfiend09
Word Count:7,000
Summary:During their eighth year Harry feels that Draco is up to something again. Ducking when he sees Harry, having his meals taken to his room, and even the leaving the pitch when he comes out. Harry can't believe Draco decides to be up to something again. However, during their confrontation he's surprised to know that Draco isn't up to something. He's avoiding Harry because Harry is his mate and he doesn't want to mate with someone who hates him. Harry goes to set things right... I would for Harry's attempts to fail at first before Draco accepts him.

Why I loved it:I adored the way she wrote both Harry and Draco in this story. I have such a thing for well written Veela stories. Draco tries so hard to do the right thing and let Harry choose. Harry can't figure out what Draco is up to again. :D Hermione and Ron are the perfect friends for Harry in this story and just shake their heads at him and his antics. This was lovely paced and the characterizations were perfect. You should read this, it is very sweet and very very hot....

'Where is he rushing off to?' Harry turned back to his desk and found Hermione frowning at him. 'What?'

She pressed her lips together before speaking. 'You've been spending a lot of time watching Malfoy again,' she whispered.

'Have not!' Harry looked to Ron for support but found a little frown similar to Hermione's. 'I haven't!'

His two best friends shared a look and then let the subject drop as they took their vials to Slughorn's desk. Harry felt his temper rise, but he bit his tongue and kept the silence as well.

It felt too much like sixth-year when Harry had known Malfoy was up to something but no one would listen to him. Hadn't Ron and Hermione learnt their lesson then? They were acting exactly the same as they had then: the shared glances, the little frowns, the assurances that nothing was going on. It made Harry want to punch something.

'He is up to something,' Harry muttered to himself as they climbed the stairs out of the dungeon. Harry just had to figure out what.
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I will pimp out a couple things.....

Banner art by [ profile] naadi.

[ profile] hd_storyroom is a place to recommend your favorite fics. . . new and old! Take a moment to tell us what you loved about them! Was it Draco's snarky wit? Harry's courage? Those sexy leather pants that had you drooling on your keyboard just from the description? Whatever it was, we want to know!

I also want to pimp out my own recipe community :)

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Prompting has begun so leave a few of them I did already. :))))

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Hello once again everyone. I am back with a must read series that should warm you up it is set in a tropical location. :)))))

Title:Of Paradise and Perfection (1/10)
Author:[ profile] alaana_fair
Rating:NC-17 in later chapters
Word Count:42,000
Warnings:Post-Hogwarts, Post-War, HBP-compliant
Summary:Fourteen years after the events of HBP, Voldemort is dead, the war is over, but a depressed Harry Potter is still searching for happiness. Will a well deserved holiday help him find it? Or will it leave him even more confused than ever?

Why I loved it:Well I must say the setting for this story is perfection just brilliant. The way she wrote Draco, he was more mature and he had changed so much since the war 14 years ago. Harry was lonely and depressed searching for something to give his life happiness and meaning. He just happens to go to the ocean on a vacation and stumbles into Draco working in a bar. This wasn't long enough and I had read it more than once it should be read over and over. Alaana is a delightful writer she writes both boys so wonderfully.

I can't help but wish this had been the epilogue LOL!

Excerpt(optional):Harry’s head snapped up to look towards the bar and was shocked to the core by what he saw.

He was staring, he knew, but he couldn’t look away. It was definitely Draco Malfoy.

He looked very different than when Harry had last seen him. His hair was even lighter than before and longer -- about shoulder length and still perfect, but his pale ivory skin was now taffy brown from the island sun and contrasted beautifully with his clear grey eyes. He was still slim and tall but his shoulders and chest had filled out, making him look like… well, like he should be on the cover of Witch Weekly. And no, Draco was definitely not a kid anymore.

He was talking with the customers and laughing, an easy natural laugh that Harry would have never suspected could come from Draco Malfoy. The arrogant sneer was nowhere to be seen and in its place was a soft genuine smile that made Harry want to smile in return.

Then it finally hit him like a brick to the stomach – ‘Malfoy's alive?’ He had disappeared completely after the incident on the Astronomy Tower. Everyone assumed he was dead, and even after they realized Snape was still on their side he had never said anything to make them believe differently. Had he been here the whole time?
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Waves hello again from this month's reccer. :)))))

Title:Dead Man's Party
Author:[ profile] vlorahpand [ profile] writcraft
Word Count:7,700
Warnings:Zombies, some fluffiness, some strange dreams and perhaps a little bit of crack!
Summary:Draco discovers some old artefacts in Malfoy Manor and decides to exhibit them at the Halloween party he and Harry are hosting. But Malfoy Manor is full of Dark things and in unearthing old antiques, Harry and Draco unleash the ghosts of the past.

Why I loved it:I do so love it when stories have Draco and Harry in an established realationship and make it so much fun. I loved their whitty banter and how much you could tell they cared for each other. This has Zombies in it and love,romance,costumes and humor. It is such a fantastic story that has everything in it. Also Snape was in this story and he was perfectly Snape. The way they wrote him was spot on in all his sarcastic glory.

Honestly this is one sweet must read Zombie story just perfect for Februray :)))))))

Excerpt(a large excerpt) )
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I meant to post this artwork in my journal as well to be able to look at it all the time.

Artist:[ profile] pink_mint
Warnings:Graphic sex
Additional Notes:Muti-paneled

Why I loved it:This one was done in 2011 after Electrical Storm and I was just in awe with the beauty of each panel. To have this kind of talent is just a gift a wonderful gift, well and hard work. I just adore the lines of their bodies, the lighting on their skin also the scars of the Sectumrempra and that small piece of the Dark Mark on Draco(It also looks like in the tird panel that he is giving everything over to Harry emotionaly and physicaly). And even though the last panel blows your mind up with it's beauty, the look of tenderness on Harry's face does me in.
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I have decided to re post this lovely,sexy artwork, so if you want to drool over them again feel free.

Artist:[ profile] pink_mint
Warnings:Nothing really except both are shirtless.
Additional Notes:Muti-paneled

Sometimes when I see your face, I think of what might have been.

Why I loved it:The way she draws their faces is just out of this world, amazing hardly covers it. The detail she uses is exquisite and they both look very intense and brilliant. The colors she used are subtle yet gorgeous, I can't express all of my thoughts to well because she blows my mind.

She seems to know what I looooooove so much about them and draws them. Harry is smoking and Draco has scars all over his chest. They both have so much raw sex appeal it takes your breath away. I think all 4 panels she had drawn was perfection and I would have loved so many more. I am an optimist, so I think this artwork is a glimps into what will be in the future for them. :)


I realized I meant to rec this art from hd_holidays it's the sexiest thing I have ever seen it's so gorgeously drawn it takes your breath away. I gasped out loud at it's perfection,detail the beauty of this and oh the look in Draco's eyes in his scene is unbelievable. Everyone should see this brilliant masterpiece.

It's NC-17 for graphic oral sex but it's just stunningly perfect. The title is Electrical Storm

Artist:[ profile] pink_mint
Warnings:Graphic Nudity

I meant to rec this art a few months ago and just now went searching it out to find it and post it for others to drool over it like I did and still do. The colors she used flowed so beautifully *g*
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Hello everyone, I am back with two more lovely fics...that should be read and neither are to long they are just perfect. I just adore [ profile] who_la_hoop to pieces. :)

Title:How to handle a enemy
Author:[ profile] who_la_hoop
Word Count:7,500
Warnings:Wanking, voyeurism, dirty talk ...these should just make you want to read it more. ;)
Summary:Everyone knows that it’s no fun playing truth or dare with a Slytherin. But add a little Veritaserum, a scheming duo of Slytherin girls and surprising things can be revealed. Particularly about the fine line between love and hate…

Why I loved it:I adore the way who_la_hoop writes Draco. This is one amazingly brilliant,sexy hot wanking fic. It is from Draco's pov and he is so snarky and funny. Her Harry is brilliant and a take charge kind of guy. I have so much love for her other sneaky plotting Slytherin charaters as well. Pansy,Daphnie and Blaise are all so smug and wicked cool. I have read this more than once and it is good enough to be read over and over agin.....

Who wants to tell the truth in truth or dare? Well, maybe someone from another house. They’re usually so delightfully gullible, and ready to spill their deepest secrets. Take your average Hufflepuff – and, oh god, please do take them, preferably somewhere far, far away. He or she is almost guaranteed to be incomprehensibly honest. Almost takes the fun out of it, really. A Slytherin, on the other hand, has a rather more flexible attitude to truth. Some house stereotypes exist for a reason. This one? Happens to be true.

Blaise's suggestion - a game of truth or dare where we actually told the truth - was so disgustingly Slytherin that it was quite, quite offensive. Why would I want to reveal my weaknesses to those who would have no qualms against using them for nefarious purposes?

Title:Snowflakes In Your Eyelashes
Author:[ profile] who_la_hoop
Word Count:2,500
Warnings:Sexual references, bad language, established relationship, fluff...Is fluff a warning???
Summary:It’s the night before Christmas. Draco’s stressed and Harry’s bewildered – but what are they both so nervous about?

A/N: A frighteningly fluffy Christmas fic that wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it. Snow, tender moments, snarky insults, kisses and meaningful gifts abound, all wrapped up with a disgustingly happy ending. Written for prompt #31 of my 100quills table – snowflakes.

Why I loved it:This was so sweet and a perfect fluffy Christmas fic... guaranteed to make you smile and be all warm and fuzzy inside. The way she writes both Harry and Draco is just so engaging and you find yourself loving them both. She is able to write Draco spot on a perfect Slyherin spoiled prince. Even though you could roll around in the fluff there was a touch of angst to the story as well. Just a toucvh though not to much. This fic melted me into such happy goo and made me go awwwwwww :)

Excerpt )
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Lets leave a lot of Harry/Draco prompts :DDDD

Remember it doesn't even have to be horror, it can be a psychological thriller , if that is more your thing....

Severus dark banner

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Leave lots of H/D,Supernatural and BBC Sherlock goodness :D

Banner by [ profile] kayoko

[ profile] hd_erised is a new Harry/Draco exchange fest
Sign-ups Fall 2013/Posting Dec 2013
Art by [ profile] misterwalnut | Banner by [ profile] faithwood

art by brinimc
Art by [ profile] brinimc. Banner by [ profile] imera.
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hp_harlequin will be hosting their first Valentine's Day Smutty Comment Meme starting on February 1st. All Pairings and genres are welcome! Come join us and spread the word. Lets have a lot of Harry/Draco :)))))

Banner by [ profile] evening12

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Boston Meme

The lovely [ profile] marianna_merlo has started this Boston meme, to get local people in contact with one another. I'm not from Boston, but I know some of my flist are from Boston, because I've seen you talking about it. But I can't remember who you are! Please go and comment and spread some fandom love around Boston. ♥
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I can't believe he is 32 years old today. Wow the time has flown by I can still easily remember him as a 9 year old boy in Avonlea :)))) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

You are more beautiful every year inside and out. It has been wonderful seeing you grow up and be as normal as you can be growing up in Hollywood. x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

I hope you can take time to relax today :)

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So you can go party all night if you want to :)

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Or spend lots of time with friends.

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Go forth and leave a last minute prompt if you get inspired. :)

art by moonlitdark
Art by [ profile] moonlitdark. Banner by [ profile] imera.
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Prompting starts this saturday :)))

Horror Fest Banner HrR
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Just in case you want more friends..... :))))))

LJ Is Alive!
A Multifandom LiveJournal Friending Meme
Tumblr is great, but my fandom heart is in LJ.


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