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Birthdate:Sep 18
Location:Kansas, United States of America
I am married and have two children. I'm over 18 years old and by just a bit LOL... I like to read and watch tv. I hope to do a lot of traveling some day go to far
away places.

sherlock and john photo: goodbye john goodbyejohn_zps034110bd.gif

Thanks to hpfangirl71 for the new team banner....

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My first month of joining the community and I win with most drabbles writen for the month of February *yay*

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123tagged.Com - More Betty Boop Comments

This is just a brilliant gif *g*

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This was made by sunlitdays :)

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Two of my favorite hot guys in one picture :)


These are made by cara_dee Thanks so much...

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This is some of the best scenes in HBP thanks to the sexy Draco owning the film I took both of these from metallicar *hugs*

Vanishing cabnit-metallicar

Angsty Draco-metallicar

This is by shades_of_dray

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Silliness from Harry Potter the Musical *g*

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The fight in the bathroom!

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I also took these from danrad_daily




I don't know about you guys but I'm so glad he's turning 20 he's growing up and it'll help me not feel like such a pervert. LOL!

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Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

This is by celeb_wtf

D/E OTP-celeb_wtf
Domlijah are love

Both of these love bars are by shades_of_dray

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This gif was made by starrose17 I like the look of it...

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This is a song by Dom and Elijah :)

Half Fling

This banner was made by roxicons

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So is this one...

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This journal containes slash fics so read at your own risk. All stories except Dom/Lijah are marked.


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horses are love
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robert downey jr is love
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rps are love
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dom/lijah is love
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stephen king is love
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lost is love
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laurell k hamilton is love
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These were all made by soulofblood

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Both of these are made by bleedforyou1

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This is by foxglove_icons :)

Lady at the water-foxglove_icons

This banner was made by the wonderfulainabarad_iconsYou *rock*

Made by ainabarad @ ainabarad_icons

This color bar is by deanandsam

Elijah Wood-deanandsam

So is this one :)

Dom Monaghan-deanandsam

These three also :)

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orlijseandombilly color bar-deanandsam

Cast LOTR color bar-deanandsam

Corvette banner by unknown

Corvette by unknown

These are made by socialxscene

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I love this series! Made by wolfpurplemoon

Dexter by wolfpurplemoon

This is by rainbowgraphics

L/L Love bar-rainbowgraphics

This is made by annwyn55 *hugs*

This is my new banner for a challenge I'm in *hugs*

My new banner-made for me

This is the second one made for me

20th prompt banner made for me

This is the third one made for me

30th prompt banner made for me

This is the fourth one made for me

V/O banner made for me

The fifth one made for me

V/O 50th banner made for me

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This is just one AMAZING picture of him *roar* He kind of looks like a underaged runway model :)

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This banner is made by the amazing deanandsam *hugs*

Thanks so much honey:D

Lestat and Louis banner-deanandsam

Dom Monaghan is love!


Elijah Wood is love!


This is made by in Is_love_pics

Nature colorbat-is_love_pics-alikadevero

This is made by alikadevero in Is_love_pics

Autumn-alikadevdro in-is_love_pics

This is made by alikadevero in Is_love_pics

Winter color bar

These are from ElijahNet

Elijah Bust

Elijah Bust

Elijah Bust

These are very *yummy* pics:D Thanks!

This is made by jellyfrog

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This was made by the amazing shawn_anne

Watch Over You-shawn_anne

Hugs -photobucket

This is by mrslovett_x

Medium size

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Harry/Draco is love!


Purebloods rock my socks!

This banner was made for me by the lovely saura_! Thanks so much! *HUGS*

domlijah first kiss challenge-by saura_

This is made by jackie Thank you! I just love this beautiful banner so I thought I'd show it off...


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