Feb. 17th, 2013

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Hello once again everyone. I am back with a must read series that should warm you up it is set in a tropical location. :)))))

Title:Of Paradise and Perfection (1/10)
Author:[livejournal.com profile] alaana_fair
Rating:NC-17 in later chapters
Word Count:42,000
Warnings:Post-Hogwarts, Post-War, HBP-compliant
Summary:Fourteen years after the events of HBP, Voldemort is dead, the war is over, but a depressed Harry Potter is still searching for happiness. Will a well deserved holiday help him find it? Or will it leave him even more confused than ever?

Why I loved it:Well I must say the setting for this story is perfection just brilliant. The way she wrote Draco, he was more mature and he had changed so much since the war 14 years ago. Harry was lonely and depressed searching for something to give his life happiness and meaning. He just happens to go to the ocean on a vacation and stumbles into Draco working in a bar. This wasn't long enough and I had read it more than once it should be read over and over. Alaana is a delightful writer she writes both boys so wonderfully.

I can't help but wish this had been the epilogue LOL!

Excerpt(optional):Harry’s head snapped up to look towards the bar and was shocked to the core by what he saw.

He was staring, he knew, but he couldn’t look away. It was definitely Draco Malfoy.

He looked very different than when Harry had last seen him. His hair was even lighter than before and longer -- about shoulder length and still perfect, but his pale ivory skin was now taffy brown from the island sun and contrasted beautifully with his clear grey eyes. He was still slim and tall but his shoulders and chest had filled out, making him look like… well, like he should be on the cover of Witch Weekly. And no, Draco was definitely not a kid anymore.

He was talking with the customers and laughing, an easy natural laugh that Harry would have never suspected could come from Draco Malfoy. The arrogant sneer was nowhere to be seen and in its place was a soft genuine smile that made Harry want to smile in return.

Then it finally hit him like a brick to the stomach – ‘Malfoy's alive?’ He had disappeared completely after the incident on the Astronomy Tower. Everyone assumed he was dead, and even after they realized Snape was still on their side he had never said anything to make them believe differently. Had he been here the whole time?
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Prompting has begun so leave a few of them I did already. :))))


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