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Merry Christams to all of my friends who celebrate the Holiday :D *hugs close*

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Title:Shiver Shots
Author:[ profile] lijahlover
Warnings:Harry teaches Draco all about shiver shots
Disclaimer:I wish I owned them but I don't.
betaed by the always stunning [ profile] mon_ami_runa

Merry Christmas [ profile] enchanted_jae and [ profile] faithwood You both amaze me so I hope you both like this...

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I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas today. Mr.lijahlover and I just got done stuffing the kids stockings. We're having Christmas here for my mom's side of the family. I'll be busy today with everything that needs to be done. I'll try to catch up on my flist reading after Christmas is over and things have slowed down. If I have missed something important just leave me a link.

Merry Christmas everyone I love you all. :) xoxoxoxox

Thomas Kincade-photobucket

Winter scene-photobucket

Winter Wishes-photobucket

Merry Spikemas-photobucket

Charlie Brown-photobucket
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Title:Home Sweet Home
Author:[ profile] lijahlover
Word Count:100
Disclaimer:I just wish I owned these two wizards.
Warnings:None they do kiss :)
betead by no one so all mistakes are mine.

Merry Christmas [ profile] mon_ami_runa You *rock*

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Title:By The Pool
Author:[ profile] lijahlover
Rating:R for language
Word Count:100
Warnings:None only hotness by a pool
betaed by no one so all mistakes are mine.

Merry Christmas [ profile] huffizm I hope you like this...

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I just wanted to say *wow* because this card was made by [ profile] not_alone and it's just gorgeous. Thanks so much hun for sending all of us such a beautiful card and man. *squishes* Thank you hun!

Elijah Christmas Card made by not_alone

Merry Christmas everyone it's almost here :)
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Well I start to feel like it's christmas with it getting scary busy at work and the exhausted way I feel when I get home. It's so busy now were I work. I have a lot of shopping done but a few things still to buy.

I'd like to post something at some point if I ever have time. Almost done with my C/Z christmas drabble I just have nine words to many and then I can send it to be betaed. I also need to write [ profile] siskika's challenge she sent me. I still need to write three porny drabble challenges someone on my flist asked me to write for her. It's building up quickly I just hope I get some of this done tonight. I'd also love to write something for a challenge in one of my H/D communities. I love the three picture prompts they sent out.

Here's some hotness for you all to enjoy *squishes ands smooches*

Merry Spikemas-photobucket

H/D wallpaper-dove1211

Z/C banner-summershobbit

Thanks to [ profile] summershobbit for the banner...


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