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Well we finally got snow last night and it is sooooo cold outside. The wind is blowing very strong. It should die down later tonight hopefully.

My back has been acting weird lately so I'm taking it easy today.

*waves hi* I hope all of you are doing well....x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

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With all this cool weather and rain...How about some beautiful people to cheer us up.

Lets start with...

The stunning Dom Monaghan!

Dom Monaghan

More sexy people )


Jun. 16th, 2009 02:43 am
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Well it's still raining,thundering and lightning out side and the lights keep flickering. It's really raining hard here. It's almost 3:00 so I'm off to bed. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone.

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Well I had a bad day today when I was running late for work and ripped the mirror on my mom's car half off. *Sighs* It's just hanging there and it's so sad to see it cracked like that.

I hope we won't get the bad weather everyone is predicting. I hope it passes us by.

Well it's almost 2:30 so good night *hugs*
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We had a great Christmas day yesterday loved our presents and ate to much food. Are there still tons of calories in food on Christmas day? LOL :)

I got my husband The Dark Knight and he watched it immediately. He also got a tee shirt and hat with the Joker on it. I got new dishes that I loved but didn't think I'd get. I also got Lost session 4, a new scarf and black boots. The kids got so much to from everyone.

Mr.lijahlover also got me Bon Jovi's cd Crossroads so I got Bon Jovi for Christmas *yay*

It's very nice weather today outside it's warm and I think the temperature will drop tomorrow.

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Well it looks as if we will get freezing rain here in Kansas for a couple days. I hate that more than anything. It's so scary to drive on ice. We clean one of our houses today so I hope the roads are fine by then and the freezing rain will stop. I hope all of you guys stay safe and try to stay warm. *squishes you all*


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Our Thanksgiving was nice but it could have been better. My MIL was in the hospital with a staff infection and got in her own room tonight. She was in ICU yesterday. She's still feeling pretty bad so we went over early and helped with all the cooking because my FIL is hopeless in the kitchen. She hopes to get out tomorrow but is not sure it's going to happen.

We are still having very nice weather and I don't know how much longer that will last.
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Mr.lijahlover and I went to go see Tropic Thunder tonight and have to say it is very funny we and the whole theater kept cracking up. I really liked the beginning with the main stars when it showed the previews for the fake movies, before they all went to do the movie in the jungle that was priceless. Robert Downey Jr was brilliant in his with Tobey Maguire I was laughing so hard I was crying. His was my favorite one to watch. The whole movie really was funny and worth going to see. My son was disappointed when we told him he couldn't go watch it yet because of the excessive language in it so he will need to be much older.

The weather is so perfect this week it's hard to believe it's August. I love it!

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I have had a good but busy day today. I'm happy that VBS is going so well but I'll be happy when it's over. The kids are so loud and the constant screaming can be deafening. Thursday will be exhausting to because of those two big houses and instead of collapsing I'll go to church instead so busy all day long.

Before we no it school will be starting as soon as we get back from vacation it will be time for school to start on the 15th. It's the first full day and the kids hate it that we are making them go to bed a few hours earlier so they get ready for an earlier bedtime. All of us are night owls and we love to stay up very late and sleep in. It's nice that we all feel the same way about that and no one gets up early.

The last few days we have had a lot of rain so it's great for all the trees and plants. I like the cooler temperature.

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I loved the movie so much I thought Heath Ledgers performance was perfect and chilling I was disturbed but impressed with his acting he deserves an Oscar for this and unfortunately he's not alive to enjoy his success over this role. I can't believe he's been dead since January. I still miss him and hate that this is his last role forever. Christian Bale was good and he didn't annoy me with his acting and voice like some said it bothered them. I thought the whole movie was excellent. We took our kids to see it but thankfully no one brought young kids with them it's to much for small children.

It got to 105 today and it's still very hot tonight. I'm not looking forward to more of this hot weather. The older I get the more extreme weather bothers me and I love the spring and fall more all the time.
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It very nice weather today it's so cool out and it's stopped raining finally. I love the springtime. It's so beautiful outside with all the flowers in bloom. I like the summer a lot but more and more find myself liking less harsh temperatures and more mild weather.

We are all going to Wichita this next weekend and celebrating my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary it's still a surprise and the cool thing is he should be able to see all his old remaining Air-Force buddies. So Dad in law will like that. Mr.lijahlover has been busy getting pictures scanned and on discs to watch and putting there favorite songs with it. He had lots of fun with this project.

Summer does mean that it's harder for me to find computer time it can be fun and tricky to find time to get on but I somehow manage each summer to keep up with my f-list. It's also fun to try and post anything so many want on our two computers that it's crazy around here. :D But no worries everyone I'm not going to stop posting or writing so no need to panic. LOL!

Harry Potter our only remaining hermit crab is alive and doing well even though all his buddies are dead he's a tough guy we have had him over a year and they can live up to 15 years or something like that only I really doubt we will have him that long.

I hope I get my three other fics/drabbles back from my other beta so I can post them soon I'm getting close to my deadline for my B-day fic and H/D challenge fic. Her B-day fic is due the 26th so I need to be on time with it. She will understand and forgive me if I'm late I know she's a sweetie. :D


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Rotti puppy

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I had such a busy day today I'm so glad it's over because I'm exhausted. Our neighborhood garage sale was today so I had to get up before 7:00 and I went into work and closed tonight. It's been cold, windy and rainy today as well so it's not the best day for people to go outside.

I'm watching SNL and I have to say it's so funny tonight with Shia LeBeouf in it I really like it when he hosts SNL it's usually very funny.

Did I ever mention that my best friend since the first grade who's wedding I was a bridesmaid in is pregnant and is due on October 16th. We are very excited for Betsy and Aris. I have already bought her a few things and given them to her. I can't wait for October to get here.

*hugs and smooches* XOXOXOO Happy Mothers Day!
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Hi guys I've had a good week so far. I sent my beta the other May B-day fic that's due at the end of May on the 26th so I'm happy about that now I have to work on the newest request that I just got it's going to be an interesting one I love it.

It's still so cool but very nice weather here so far. The trees and flowers are so beautiful now I loooove spring so much.

Hugs to everyone XOXOXOOOO
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We got hit with hail, high winds and a white sky with sirens going off but no tornadoes. Kansas City Missouri got hit with many tornadoes unfortunately but no one got killed and that's such good news to hear. I'm so happy no one died from last nights storm's. Of course right now is Tornado season so I'm sure we will probably see more in the next couple weeks. I hope all of you are doing okay and stay safe have a wonderful weekend. *hugs to all*

A Hug A Day
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I was going to post a May B-day fic and a Domlijah that I've written but the weather is nasty right now and I don't trust the electricity to stay on long enough for me too get both posted without a problem so I'll post both later today as soon as I get a chance to. When there's no rain, high winds or hail.

I have another prompt from a H/D girl on my list and I'm looking forward to writing it soon. I will also start on my other H/D May B-day request this next week. I hope you all have a great weekend *hugs to all*
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It's more bad weather to look forward to. There is suppose to be freezing rain and snow tonight. Mr.lijahlover is traveling tonight to go to Lincoln Nebraska so he left early to try to beat the snow that is expected there. Yucky!

I'm just glad to be off tomorrow so I don't have to go anywhere. I look forward to the bad weather to end someday.

I will post more tonight I've been inspired to write.[Is that really a good thing?]LOL!:D

Hugs everyone and drive safely.


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