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I need to send out more thank you's for my lovely flist...

I want to thank [ profile] icicle33for the lovely card and the AMC gift card for me and Mr.lijahlover to go to the movies with....I cant wait to use it hun *hugs close*

Thank you [ profile] jade_baggins[ profile] the_gubette[ profile] verangel for the card and the cute Frodo pin....That is my very first Frodo pin and I love it. *hugs*

Thank you [ profile] heyurs[ profile] summershobbit[ profile] ninjamidget66[ profile] starrose17[ profile] primula_baggins

I now have so many cards I can't fit them all on my wall and I feel very loved by you all, I love you guys as well. :))))))

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I want to make a post thanking some of my flist for the cards and fics sent to me. I am sure I will make another one later as the month goes along.

For the lovely cards...

[ profile] valinorean sent me the cutest card from the Philippines. I have never got a card from there before. *yay*

[ profile] mews1945sent me a pretty card. :)

[ profile] frolijah_fan_54 sent me a lovely card.

[ profile] ladysnaps sent me Elijah in the mail. Well a gorgeous picture of him on a card made for me. I loooooooove to get Elijah in the mail though. *hugs*

[ profile] enchanted_jae sent me an adoreable card.

[ profile] jackieville sent me a lovely card.

[ profile] teas_me sent me a cute card as well. :)

I do look forward to opening the mailbox during this time... LOL!

I also have a gift fic that is BBC Sherlock from [ profile] mahmfic It is a lovely h/c story with a sweet ending...Called Not until after the New Year">

I have this fantastic Harry/Draco story for me by [ profile] tryslora it is after the war and H/D are both Professors at Howarts alone for the Holiday....Called Five Times Draco Walked Away, and the One Time He Didn't

I also had for my birthday Indulgence updated for me by the wonderful[ profile] enchanted_jae that I ment to mention earlier but forgot ooops. :)
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I keep meaning to take the time and thank those that have written me something. It looks like I have had to go back into 2010 OMG!

Some of these I had forgotten about what with rl stuff and then new grandbaby but I will like to express my extremely late thanks now.

This first one is sexy and steamy it is mind blowing. [ profile] triomakesmehot Wrote Control In this H/D both fight to be in control and there is parselsmut with a begging Draco and take charge Harry. They fight and shag brilliantly. A shout out to [ profile] enchanted_jae you may want to read this if you haven't, it is up your alley :)))))

This one is so cute and silly I asked [ profile] enchanted_jae for more of her fluffy Vampire Verse Chew Toy. And it's so darn cute and adorable it puts you in a good mood when reading this, if you wern't already. Harry punctures one of his teething rings *g*

This was written by [ profile] hpfangirl71 I wanted H/D with Champange. She wrote a sweet little drabble for me called Surprise and I enjoyed it so much.

This was written for me and posted on my wishlist by [ profile] salivia_baker and inspired by Pippins's Oath from ROTK called Oath. Also [ profile] itsonlyburning wrote me a poem called Public Displays Of Affection.

Also this was written for me and I asked for H/D romantic carriage ride, proposal, hot sex" [ profile] alafaye wrote me this nice drabble for the Holidays called The Stocking Stuffer

My good friend jae also wrote this Domlijah for me "All I want," sighed Dom,is Elijah under my
Christmas tree this year." She was kind to write me a few words of my RPS otp :)

My great friend [ profile] bleedforyou1 wrote this for me, In order to get away from the frigid London winter, Harry and Draco go on holiday... I wanted the boys to get away from the cold and into the heat, it's called We Make Our Own Heat Do they have loads of fun on their getaway????

My good friend [ profile] bleedforyou1wrote this lovely romantic drabble for me last year on my birthday Slow and Sweet

Ages ago I asked my wonderful friend [ profile] moit to write me a *yummy* fic were Elijah looses a bet(about the HP films) to Dom and dresses as a woman. This is such sexy fun and Elijah would make one hot looking woman. He is pretty enough to fry your brain unlike some men that are to masculane to pull it off. This should be read and it's called Date Night

[ profile] moit also wrote this song fic for me cause I begged someone to and she kindly did. This is called Paralyzer The song *rocks* and so does this ficlet. Well I'm not paralyzed, But I seem to be struck by you, I wanna make you move, Because you’re standing still.

OMG I just ran across this *yumminess* [ profile] enchanted_jae wrote me the most delicious ficlet(for my b-day in 2010) called Home Turf Advantage"> It has top Draco and rimming also Harry grabs onto the spindles of the headboard. *rawr*

I almost forgot about this sexy drabble written by [ profile] alaana_fair untitled really but she called it Guh and yes it is just GUH! It is Charlie/Draco..."See," Charlie continued in that sultry, hypnotic tone of his, "you just have to know how to handle them so they don't get skittish." He brushed his hands lightly along Draco's exposed arms, making Draco shiver. Charlie leaned forward, his breath ghosting across Draco's ear. "You have to know how to touch them. How to coax them into the right position. How to make them think they want to do what you ask of them." *whimpers*

Well this is it for now I will continue looking for more goodies I may have saved the link to then forgot about. :))))))))))
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I get on line and see the cutest spiders on my profile page thanks so much for those :D
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Title:Candle Lit
Author:[ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l
Fandom: Lord of the Rings RPS
Pairing: Dominic/Elijah
Rating: PG
Summary: A candlelit dinner for Dom.
AN: Written for [ profile] lijahlover for my LJ Anniversary mathom.

Why I loved it:

This was such a sweet,tender and loving romantic ficlet. You must read this if you haven't already. She writes these two so well you feel as if you are in the room with them watching them eat a romantic dinner together and be all perfectly wonderful. She paints a lovely visual with her words.

A small excerpt from the story:

The smell is enticing and soon Elijah is oblivious of his surroundings, until a pair of strong arms encircles him from behind and the tip of a tongue tickles the inside of his ear.

“My perfect lover,” Dom whispers teasingly.

Elijah sighs in bliss, sagging for a moment into the embrace before pushing away from Dominic. “Get away or you’ll starve through the night.”
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Thank you [ profile] annwyn55 for the amazingly cool icon you made for me. I love it so much hun *hugs* xoxoxoxoxoxo

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThis is one super cool icon :)
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Awwww I'm so happy right now my good friend Karin [ profile] summershobbit just made me a stunning,gorgeous banner and I adore it; it's so sweet of her and all you H/D fans will appreciate it also.

*Hugs* xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Okay whomever nominated three of my fics be it one or three different people I can't thank you enough. I don't believe for one minute that I deserve this but I'm overwhelmed. I'm taking a break from writing for awhile now but it won't be forever I love it to much to just stop completely. But I'm sending whoever *giant huge hugs and smooches*

The first one nominated is Orlando/Elijah orlijah_month

The second one nominated is Orlando/Elijah

The third one nominated is Viggo/Elijah

Based on
[ profile] summershobbits banner :)

V/E banner-summershobbit!
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Well I had a good birthday thanks in a large part to you guys. You guys are the best f-list I could wish for.

My hubby took me out to eat and we went to watch the movie Inglorious bastards. It was interesting and unusual but we enjoyed it. Quentin Tarantino is a genius weird but a genius. Most genius's are a little odd.

I'm looking forward to going on E-bay and spending my birthday money. :)

I have so many long days this week that I'll be very busy. I can't wait for this week to already be over. LOL

Thanks again for the one year lj paid account [ profile] nursedarry I can't thank you enough really *squishes*

[ profile] annywyn55 made me this lovely icon Image and video hosting by TinyPic I adore it :)

Also thanks to [ profile] nolagal [ profile] facecat [ profile] hppyflwr [ profile] megans_writing for the cute virtual gifts.

Thanks for my pictures,graphics and well wishes I loved all of them. [ profile] mews1945 [ profile] harukameko [ profile] rinnuninnu [ profile] hypnotized_moon [ profile] julie_wigg [ profile] faithwood [ profile] huffizm [ profile] illunis_lair [ profile] frolijah_fan_54[ profile] brumeux77 [ profile] elijahs_mumble [ profile] kittie8571 [ profile] aldehyde [ profile] girlofavalon [ profile] norwegianeyes [ profile] glamoursnipe [ profile] jackieville [ profile] tomato18 [ profile] barmy_bunk [ profile] yenny2206 [ profile] justme_jane and [ profile] nursedarry

I'll post more another day. Let me know if I missed you but I'll post gift fics later. *hugs*
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I just wanted to thank [ profile] girlofavalon for this hot AMAZING drabble she wrote me you'll need to read it. It's brilliant a first kiss up against a wall with a demanding Harry. Need I say more LOL Oh yah and Draco is snarky :)

Glitter Graphics

Thank You Glitter Pictures

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Thank you to the wonderful [ profile] afra_schatz for writing me this lovely fic in our Christmas exchange A lession in the fine art of romance
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I just wanted to say *wow* because this card was made by [ profile] not_alone and it's just gorgeous. Thanks so much hun for sending all of us such a beautiful card and man. *squishes* Thank you hun!

Elijah Christmas Card made by not_alone

Merry Christmas everyone it's almost here :)
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[ profile] enchanted_jae Wrote me this wonderful H/D drabble Best Served Cold


Dan Equus-photobucket

I wanted something with ice in it and she came up with this wonderful drabble. :)
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Thank you so much [ profile] faithwood for the fantastic H/D vampire pwp she wrote for my birthday. It's late but so worth it. There are nine more birthday drabbles before mine all are wonderful. Here's the link Untitled H/D
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This is from my friend [ profile] julchen11 It's a beautiful C/Z poem she wrote for me. :)

Sun in eye-Elijah

Distant Vibes
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Congratulations to the winners of the MOME awards and tons of thank yous and hugs to those who nominated my story this year and thanks to the MOME mods for the beautiful icon:)
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I just got notified that the MOME awards are to be announced soon. *Hugs again* to whomever nominated me. I'm looking forward to finding out who won in each category. The winners deserve it.

I love the praise that was sent with it I know they sent the same words to everyone but it made me very happy to read this anyway

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for agreeing to
participate in the awards this year. I'm so pleased that your work was
recognized and am forever thankful for writers of your caliber who
continue to keep the LotR fandom strong and vibrant.

*Sighs* writers of my caliber :) :) :)

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This was from [ profile] huffizm

I Hope You Feel Better [ profile] lijahlover

Elijah Oxford Murder-huffizm

Elijah in Oxford Murder-huffizm

Thanks so much for this :)
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I'm getting my links together that were birthday gifts for me finally. I'm so slow with this. I did a thanks ages ago for all my pictures and this took me longer so I took awile to get this done. *hugs and smooches*

[ profile] asnowyowl Made me thisDrabbleV/O

[ profile] autumnverse Posted me this pictureAdorable Turtle card

[ profile] angelkitten13Sent me theseDan pics

[ profile] brumeux77 Made me this Birthday Wishes

[ profile] enchanted_jae Made me thisStrawberries and Cream D/H

[ profile] facecat Made me this Birthday greetings

[ profile] frolijah_fan Did this for meBirthday pictures

[ profile] hapendfro Made me this Touchstone drabble D/E

[ profile] harrysexmagick Wrote this for meTwo drabbles D/EV/O and H/D Vampire

[ profile] harrysexmagick Made this for me as well Graphic heavy picture post

[ profile] harukameko Made me H/D Birthday card with poem

[ profile] huffizmMade me this Nice pictures

[ profile] julchen11 Made me this Z/C poem

[ profile] ladydeath12 Sent me this Birthday wishes

[ profile] megans_writing Made me this Happy Birthday picture post

[ profile] mews1945 Made this for me Birthday Pictures

[ profile] midniteyesSent me Birthday wishes

[ profile] pepper202 Made me this Birthday wishes

[ profile] rinnuninnuMade me this Elijah pictures

[ profile] severkarogueovaMade me thisSweet pictures

[ profile] softly_sweetly Made me this Broom Cupboard D/H

[ profile] spikesweetgirl Posted this for meD/H manip

[ profile] summershobbit Made me this Dan and Elijah picture

Looking at all this makes me happy again :)
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You are the best ever [ profile] mon_ami_runa,[ profile] x_merlin and [ profile] mews1945 I want to send a big thank you to you guys for all your hard work latly with all the betaing I have needed you guys *rock* I can't say how much you guys meen to me. *hugs you all close*

Also a huge thanks to [ profile] harrysexmagick you are the best ;)

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