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I'm happy to be going to a comedy club tonight. We enjoy them and it's so nice to laugh so much that your exhausted from it on your way home. :)

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I'm happy everyone got were they were going safely and no car trouble. I'm also glad to be done completely with Christmas shopping. When finances are tight it helps to be finished with it. :)



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Well I had a good day today at my sisters and brother in law's. My mom had a lot of birthday gifts from everyone. She had a great time at her party. I'm happy about this and also the cold but at least dry streets. My son's dad took our son to St.Louis for one week to spend with his family and Mr.Lijahlover went to Wichita to get his son to stay with us during his break. Lots of traveling today.

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I'm happy today because we never got that ice storm they were promising. I'm so terrified of them. We also got our stocking stuffers done *yay* I think we are done with our shopping I just have to finish wrapping. :)

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In a way I'm cheating by posting what will make me happy later. I'm always so happy when Thursday's two houses I clean with my mom will be done and we are home. That will make me so very happy *g*

I also think the weather will be awful later today so we need to drive very carefully and slow. Possibley we will be hit with a ice storm. *yuck*
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This is my fourth day of my happy meme. I'm so happy that I got frosted sugar cookies last night at my Christmas party I went to with our goody exchange. I brought Pumpkin bread with chocolate chips in it and got my absolute favorite cookie in exchange. *yay* :) Of coarse the family also loves them and helped me out with most of them being gone today before I got up but I still have a few more.

I just thought I'd post this picture of my favorite flower as well it reminds me that their is beauty in the world. Even in winter. Love you all *squishes*

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Well this is the third day of my happy meme. Today I was happy that I had a safe trip to work and back even though the weather was nasty. The roads are slick but better tonight. What will really make me happy is if we have no more snow for awhile. :)
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I'm happy that I have such good friends in RL and on LJ and that none of my family are sick. It's going around and people are getting sick around us so I hope it stays away.

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I got tagged by [ profile] barmy_bunk That for eight days I have to post something that made me happy.

I had a much better and smoother day at work today and the weather is still very nice outside. I am almost done with my christmas shopping also *yay*

I won't tag anyone else though so do this if you want to. :)


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