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OMG guys this fic is FTW! I searched through one journal and gave up, then I looked through [ profile] softly_sweetly's and found it. I have read this over and over and I just get the chills and looooove this story. It is creepy perfection,intruging,beautiful,frightning and so hot and just brilliant. The last line just makes everything freeze inside my body. Softly_sweetly writes so many stunning and brilliant fics but this is one of my very favorite's of hers. If you have never read it do yourself a favor and check it out, or just re read it again like I love to do. It doesn't even feel like you are reading over 4,000 words. My only problem with the fic is that it ended. :)

The Danger in the Shadows blows my mind and gives you the chills as you delve into the stalkers mind.

Summary: Draco Malfoy is being stalked, unable to get away from the person that shadows his every move. But without realising it, he puts his trust in the wrong man to save him
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s):Slash, Swearing, Sex, Stalking, Solo, Voyeurism, Angst
Deathly Hallows compliant? Yes, up to the Epilogue. Though there shouldn't be any spoilers here
Word Count: ~4500
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I have my last fic as this month's reccer and it is a deliciouly amazing and steamy H/D/S fic. It has been a fun month for me and I hope you all have enjoyed February as well. This was written at hp_3somes. fest :)

Title:Control Means Letting Go
Author:Anonymous as of right now.
Word Count:7,300
Warnings:None, Maybe some light angst.
Summary:Being together for years doesn't mean one of you won't feel blue, but at least you have a Dom and a fellow sub to build you back up.

Why I loved it:I have so much love for this stunningly written story, the way the story flowed beautifully together. All the characters are perfect and you can feel how much in love they all are and that it works for them. Everyone has something vital to give to the relationship. Severus loves them both deeply, but yet would have a hard time expressing himself. Draco was a little fragile and needed reasurance but that made him so huggable and loveable. And to quote Severus,The emotional glue that held them all together. Harry was an Auror and was filled with courage and determination. (He looked sexy in his uniform as well) *rawr*

The way she wrote them made it seem like you were in the room with them... as they expearenced life and love and the highs and lows of your days and nights. And OMG the sex was *delicious* and *hawt hawt hawt* I do so loooooooove it when Severus gets all dominating and demanding with that voice of his *swoons*

Excerpt(optional):"Like the lilies in the field, I toil not and I work not, Severus. I don't give back anything!" Draco said suddenly. He went still in Severus' embrace.

"You give a damn sight more than you know, Draco."

Draco and Severus turned around. Harry stood in the doorway, dressed in his Auror's robes. He strode into the room as if he owned it until he was barely a foot from Draco. He flicked his eyes over Draco's shoulder toward Severus, but his whole body seemed to be focused on Draco when those remarkable eyes gazed into his.

"You said I don't remember how cruel you were, right?" Harry's hand came up and he poked Draco's chest. "I remember the ferrety little snot that made my school life hell, Malfoy. And I remember the bastard that went out of his way to belittle me because of something I had nothing to do with." Harry stepped close enough that the shiny brass buttons of his uniform were pressed into Draco's skin through his robe. "And I remember the men that saved my life at great cost to themselves. I remember the two men who came for me when Ron and Hermione were wounded. And, Draco," Harry breathed against Draco's lips, "I remember the men who fought tooth and nail to give me a life outside of everyone's expectations. I remember you, Draco..." Harry kissed Draco, deeply.
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Well everyone I have had so much fun as this month's reccer and I may come back with one more rec after this one.....

Author:[ profile] khalulu
Word Count:13,600
Warnings:EWE. Harry and Draco are still wizards and retain all their powers, but magic is not used during the events in this story. Contains: sex, mostly not very graphic. Insects, ditto. Snide comment which does not reflect author’s real views on Snarry stories. Mention of previous feline violence against lizards.
Summary:A few years after the war, Harry needs distance from the British wizarding world and volunteers abroad as a teacher in a poor rural school. Draco is a low-budget traveler, wandering wherever his curiosity leads him. Their paths cross in Malawi, “the warm heart of Africa.”

Why I loved it:What a fantastic story and it had a perfect and yet steamy location. Africa is a wonderful setting for a story. This fic had a gentle, quiet feel to it and it filled me with warm and fuzzy feelings. She painted with her words, a vivid country that was full of color,sound and lots of life .

I fell in love with her Draco, he was grown up and had matured so well. He also had an interesting facination with the letter Z. I could easily see Harry falling for him, he was more grown up and trusting that people could change. They were both lonely and needed each other to feel happy and content with life. The sex scenes felt very personal and lovely, she has a skill with dialogue.

Africa was a perfect setting, it felt like I was there with them under the hot sun. I could feel her love of Malawi, it felt vivid and real to me with the food and bus ride.

Excerpt(optional):A snorkeler was coming back in to shore, with slow kicks of lean pale legs. Likely to burn badly in the African sun with that complexion, Harry thought idly. Haven't seen anyone that pale since... The man, young, was standing now, splashing up the last few steps onto the beach. He pulled the mask off an angular face, shaking lake water from the lightest of blond hair, more glistening drops running slantwise on a chest faintly slashed by a long jagged scar. Harry's jaw dropped as his worlds collided.


The man stopped abruptly and shocked grey eyes snapped up to Harry's own. He looked at Harry blankly for a moment, saying nothing. It couldn't be Malfoy. It had to be Malfoy.

"What are you doing here?" Harry continued, still a bit dazed. Malawi was poor, obscure, placid and friendly -- nothing to interest a Malfoy. Unless... "How did you find me?" he added suspiciously.

"Extraordinarily bad luck?" the man said, half under his breath, then squared his shoulders. "Honestly, Potter, why would I go traipsing around the middle of Africa to look for you?"

"It is you."

"Of course it's me. What are you doing here?"

Harry wondered that himself sometimes.
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Author:[ profile] leo_draconis
Word Count:4,982
Warnings:Boys having sex… wait, that’s not a warning, that’s a reason to read on!...OMG yes to this :)
Summary:Upon returning for their ‘eighth’ year, Draco notices Harry doesn’t look well. He also notices that Harry’s best friends are too busy exploring their new relationship to see something is wrong, so he decides to take it upon himself to fix things.

Why I loved it:Wheeeeeeeee I adored this fun story. First off Draco is ftw!!! His snark and attitude is perfection. The way leo writes Draco is spot on for me. He was observant with Harry just like Harry is with Draco. Their was such a lovely,lighthearted feel to this story.

I am so glad that Harry had Draco to come to his rescue since his friends were to wrapped up in each other. Draco to the recue *yay* Honestly who can put Harry's friends in their place better than Draco??? No one of coarse :)

This fic had fantastic wand-lore and mind numbingly hot sex. It was mmmmmmmmmmm *delicious*

So to quote leo read on folks read on. :)))))))))))
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Title:To the Victor go the Spoils
Author:[ profile] eruditefics
Word Count:6,000
Summary:Harry is celebrating...and by celebrating we mean drinking. As a result, when his teammates deliver a treat meant to entice him, Harry doesn’t even see it coming. The question is, will he back down, or will he rise to the occasion?

Why I loved it:This was one of the stories written for this last years 2012 hp_sexstars"> fest and I looooooooved it. The way she wrote Harry was amazingly perfect. He is concerned and very confident in his own skin. He doesn't try and do what he usually does and fix everything immediately.

Draco is reluctantly vulnerable and he made my heart ache for him.

This fic had the perfect blend of flangst,fluff and hotness with the sex scene. The ending made me happy and :))))))))) I am a sucker for these kind of rent boy fics. These two are perfection together and they will always manage to figure it out. I don't think I can give anything away by that, cause you all should know I only rec happily ever after type stories. :)
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Title:Unwed Wizard: Capture the Dragon
Author:[ profile] fantasyfiend09
Word Count:18,800
Warnings:References to past domestic abuse; bottom!Draco.
Summary:Reality television has come to the wizarding world, and magic has a way of improving things.

Why I loved it:I have lots of love for this fic. It is in two parts and it is delightful fun. I must admit I hate reality shows with a passion, but I would want to watch this on tv. I looooooove fics were Pansy and Harry are friends and they are here. I think this is one adorable fic and it even has a mute Harry through most of the story. But with him unable to speak because of a curse, he is unable to put his foot in his mouth. :DDDDD

I also loved how she wrote Narcissa and portrait Snape giving Harry a helping hand.


Title:A Healthy Obsession
Author:[ profile] fantasyfiend09
Word Count:7,000
Summary:During their eighth year Harry feels that Draco is up to something again. Ducking when he sees Harry, having his meals taken to his room, and even the leaving the pitch when he comes out. Harry can't believe Draco decides to be up to something again. However, during their confrontation he's surprised to know that Draco isn't up to something. He's avoiding Harry because Harry is his mate and he doesn't want to mate with someone who hates him. Harry goes to set things right... I would for Harry's attempts to fail at first before Draco accepts him.

Why I loved it:I adored the way she wrote both Harry and Draco in this story. I have such a thing for well written Veela stories. Draco tries so hard to do the right thing and let Harry choose. Harry can't figure out what Draco is up to again. :D Hermione and Ron are the perfect friends for Harry in this story and just shake their heads at him and his antics. This was lovely paced and the characterizations were perfect. You should read this, it is very sweet and very very hot....

'Where is he rushing off to?' Harry turned back to his desk and found Hermione frowning at him. 'What?'

She pressed her lips together before speaking. 'You've been spending a lot of time watching Malfoy again,' she whispered.

'Have not!' Harry looked to Ron for support but found a little frown similar to Hermione's. 'I haven't!'

His two best friends shared a look and then let the subject drop as they took their vials to Slughorn's desk. Harry felt his temper rise, but he bit his tongue and kept the silence as well.

It felt too much like sixth-year when Harry had known Malfoy was up to something but no one would listen to him. Hadn't Ron and Hermione learnt their lesson then? They were acting exactly the same as they had then: the shared glances, the little frowns, the assurances that nothing was going on. It made Harry want to punch something.

'He is up to something,' Harry muttered to himself as they climbed the stairs out of the dungeon. Harry just had to figure out what.
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Hello once again everyone. I am back with a must read series that should warm you up it is set in a tropical location. :)))))

Title:Of Paradise and Perfection (1/10)
Author:[ profile] alaana_fair
Rating:NC-17 in later chapters
Word Count:42,000
Warnings:Post-Hogwarts, Post-War, HBP-compliant
Summary:Fourteen years after the events of HBP, Voldemort is dead, the war is over, but a depressed Harry Potter is still searching for happiness. Will a well deserved holiday help him find it? Or will it leave him even more confused than ever?

Why I loved it:Well I must say the setting for this story is perfection just brilliant. The way she wrote Draco, he was more mature and he had changed so much since the war 14 years ago. Harry was lonely and depressed searching for something to give his life happiness and meaning. He just happens to go to the ocean on a vacation and stumbles into Draco working in a bar. This wasn't long enough and I had read it more than once it should be read over and over. Alaana is a delightful writer she writes both boys so wonderfully.

I can't help but wish this had been the epilogue LOL!

Excerpt(optional):Harry’s head snapped up to look towards the bar and was shocked to the core by what he saw.

He was staring, he knew, but he couldn’t look away. It was definitely Draco Malfoy.

He looked very different than when Harry had last seen him. His hair was even lighter than before and longer -- about shoulder length and still perfect, but his pale ivory skin was now taffy brown from the island sun and contrasted beautifully with his clear grey eyes. He was still slim and tall but his shoulders and chest had filled out, making him look like… well, like he should be on the cover of Witch Weekly. And no, Draco was definitely not a kid anymore.

He was talking with the customers and laughing, an easy natural laugh that Harry would have never suspected could come from Draco Malfoy. The arrogant sneer was nowhere to be seen and in its place was a soft genuine smile that made Harry want to smile in return.

Then it finally hit him like a brick to the stomach – ‘Malfoy's alive?’ He had disappeared completely after the incident on the Astronomy Tower. Everyone assumed he was dead, and even after they realized Snape was still on their side he had never said anything to make them believe differently. Had he been here the whole time?
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Waves hello again from this month's reccer. :)))))

Title:Dead Man's Party
Author:[ profile] vlorahpand [ profile] writcraft
Word Count:7,700
Warnings:Zombies, some fluffiness, some strange dreams and perhaps a little bit of crack!
Summary:Draco discovers some old artefacts in Malfoy Manor and decides to exhibit them at the Halloween party he and Harry are hosting. But Malfoy Manor is full of Dark things and in unearthing old antiques, Harry and Draco unleash the ghosts of the past.

Why I loved it:I do so love it when stories have Draco and Harry in an established realationship and make it so much fun. I loved their whitty banter and how much you could tell they cared for each other. This has Zombies in it and love,romance,costumes and humor. It is such a fantastic story that has everything in it. Also Snape was in this story and he was perfectly Snape. The way they wrote him was spot on in all his sarcastic glory.

Honestly this is one sweet must read Zombie story just perfect for Februray :)))))))

Excerpt(a large excerpt) )
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I just read this Beltane fic and had to rec it for this com.

Liath Earrach

Author: [ profile] auto
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Harry/Draco, minor Harry/George, Harry/OMC, past Draco/Fred.
Word count: 16,620
Summary: “You like it,” Malfoy whispered in his ear, his breath hot and full of sin, causing a shiver to run down his spine at the unexpected thrill. “You still want me don’t you?”

I loved this story there are two parts to it and it is one sexy story. The build up between Harry and Draco is lovely and the characters are ic. Their banter is fun I also love all the side characters. The sex is hot hot hot of coarse.

A small excerpt....The open window let in a cool gust of hair and he shivered, the wind running across his skin like a lovers caress, bringing goose bumps to the surface. He waved his hand, a cleaning spell muttered under his breath, before dropping his head into his hands, and his elbows to his legs. It was the same dream he had been having for the past month. Except it was not a dream, it was a memory. A memory of the Beltane celebration he had observed at a gay Wizarding club in Glasgow last year.
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Title:When Things Are Different
Author:[ profile] sassy_cissa
Word Count:10,300ish
Warnings:Abusive relationship, discussions and descriptions of domestic violence and abuse.
Summary:"Have you ever awakened one morning and looked at your life, and wondered how the fuck you'd got there.

Why I loved it:This was just posted not to long ago at the glomp fest going on in serpentinelion"> I was just a *flailing* mess. I adored they way she wrote all the characters in this, her Pansy was the perfect friend for both Harry and Draco. I adore Harry and Pansy as friends. The delecate way she handled the abusive relationship was very realisticly done. Also I swooned over her very sexy and helpful Auror Harry, I also love it wen he is protective over Draco. I dont want to give to much away but the ending is perfection. As the prompter requested a happy ending is a must, she did a brilliant job.

Excerpt(optional):His thoughts went back to the month after the war, and a day he'd long since tried to forget. He had contacted Draco and asked him to meet for a drink. When Draco arrived, Harry returned his hawthorn wand. He'd expected Malfoy to leave, but he hadn't. He stayed and they had a drink...that had led to supper. After supper they found themselves walking together along the Thames. Harry remembered he'd been surprised at how easy their conversation had been. It seemed that once they were no longer trying to kill one another, they got on fairly well.

During a lull in the conversation, they found themselves in the shadow of a large tree. They stopped and Draco looked at Harry, his clear eyes wide and fearful, but resolved. There was a pause, and Harry caught his breath. The next moment led to the single most defining kiss of Harry's life. It was slow and gentle, and surprisingly innocent. When they'd stepped apart, Draco touched Harry's kiss-swollen lips with his finger and said “If only things could have been different” before Apparating away.

Harry'd kissed many men since, but none of those kisses had rocked his soul like the one with Draco Malfoy.
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Title:Without You
Author:[ profile] icicle33
Word Count:7,500
Warnings:creature!fic, a fair amount of blood for the extremely squeamish, mentions of past violence, and so much fluff it will hurt your teeth

Summary:Harry is devastated when Draco comes into his Veela inheritance and leaves him for his mate Christian. Harry assumes that Draco has found his happily ever after with his mate. Until one morning, he finds an unconscious Draco Malfoy on his front doorstep.

Why I loved it:I love Veela fics and this one was so brilliantly written. Her Draco and Harry are perfect in this story. The characters draw you into their story you become engrossed with why they were parted and want them to be reunited. The scene with all the blood may need to be skimmed over if you are easily squicked by lots of blood.(Don't let that stop you from reading this wonderful story.)

But oh the ending is lovely and filled with so much fluff it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Excerpt(optional):He was walking down a long, empty corridor, his feet bare but warm against the lush, red velvet carpet that adorned the long corridor, contrasting sharply with the grey stone walls. A faint trill hummed against his ears, soothing him and calling out to him. He ran his hands against the wall, cool beneath his fingertips, walking closer and closer to the faint light at the end of the twisted hallway and towards the beautiful song. As he reached the end of the curved passageway, his fingers slightly numb, he came across a green flame torch. He pulled the torch off the wall and continued walking down the twisted corridor, diverging left and following a set of winding stone stairs that went on for what felt like ages, a cold shudder running up his body through his bare feet. Still, he didn't turn back and the trill was getting louder; it was as if an invisible force was propelling him forwards, not allowing him to turn around until he finally came to the bottom of the stairs and an menacing, wrought iron door.
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Title:Just Say The Word
Author:[ profile] beckybrit
Word Count:3,700
Summary:When Draco Malfoy enters the same pub as Harry and his friends, things take an interesting turn. "If you don't go over there right this minute," Hermione paused, and smirked at Harry. "Then I will."

Why I loved it:I loved all the characters in this delightful one-shot. She paints a hot and sexy story when she writes. Hermione is so funny drunk and even though Ron feels like Draco is..."An insufferable git, who’s about as appealing as... as... a Hungarian Horntail.” He is still a brilliant friend on Harry's side.

She writes very funny and charming characters you can't help but enjoy them and the hot nummy sex. *rawr*

Excerpt(optional):He’d not seen the pair of them since last Friday night when they were here last, having been away all week on Ministry business. Harry loved his job, and wouldn’t dream of ever doing anything else, but all the recent travel was a right pain in the arse. A sharp elbow to the ribs snapped him out of his musing, almost making him spill his drink.

“Ow! What the hell was that for?” Harry snapped, scowling and rubbing his side. Hermione was gesturing over towards the door, urging him to look with a huge grin and knowing eyes. Under normal circumstances Harry would have laughed out loud at her comical expression, but he was far too busy ogling the striking couple who had just entered the pub. Well, he was definitely ogling the tall, blond, and irritatingly handsome figure that was Malfoy; but his companion, Pansy Parkinson - not so much.

Harry sighed and grabbed his drink, downing it in one and coughing slightly at the welcome burn. He watched them saunter across to the bar, all Slytherin grace and seemingly effortless style. He tried, in vain, to ignore the way his trousers got uncomfortably tight all of a sudden; Draco Malfoy was so far out of Harry’s league, it was pointless getting his hopes up, or anything else for that matter.

Once again I could have copied the entire story of hers....:)

Title:Interrigate Me
Author:[ profile] beckybrit
Word Count:1,300
Warnings:Rimming and slight use of restraints
Summary:Harry questions Draco using some rather unconventional methods.

Why I loved it:If you read the warnings I believe you can figure out why I love and adore this scorching hot pwp. This is soooooooo sexy you should read it and if you love rimming(like I do)believe me you need to read this it's just OMG mind meltingly amazing smut.

I personally feel like a cheerleader for her H/D one-shots but they should be read over and over again. Her Harry and Draco are written so perfectly, she gives Draco the perfect attitude and sexy snark we all love. Harry wants Draco and you can easily understand why....

Excerpt(optional):Tell Me, Malfoy...” One solitary finger traces the length of Malfoy’s spine; firm pressure all the way down as Malfoy bends over the smooth wood. “Where were you on the 25th?” Harry’s hand pauses at the top of Malfoy’s arse, fingertips teasing over taut material.

“I was out.” Malfoy repeats, voice slightly muffled against the table. “Really, Potter, how many different ways would you like me to say it?” He rolls his eyes, studiously ignoring the growing tightness in his trousers.

Sudden warmth covers Malfoy’s back and his breath catches in his throat.

“I know you were out, you irritating arse.” Harry rolls his hips as he drapes himself over Malfoy’s back. “I want you to tell me where and with whom.”

“Sorry, Potter. No can do.” Malfoy stifles the impending moan as Harry thrusts against him.

Without warning, Harry’s warmth disappears as he stands and mutters another spell.


Mmmmmmm I made myself stop there as usual. :)

Edit:A shout out to becky please keep writing and I'll keep posting them during my month as a reccer. :)))))))
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Title:Ask Me A Question
Author:[ profile] beckybrit
Word Count:7,200
Summary:When Auror partners Harry and Draco get stuck in a cellar together, will a game of twenty questions reveal more than they were expecting?

Why I loved it:I am a sucker for this type of fic I guess I love those 20 question stories. She writes one of my favorite Draco's ever he is brilliant,sexy,Slytherin to the core and so snarky. It's like she asked me what my favorite type of Draco is and writes him down and her stories are such a delight to read.

Harry is a man tormented by lust and desire for his beautiful Slytherin Auror partner.

Excerpt(optional):“Honestly, Potter. One simple task and you can't even manage that,” Draco snips, marching over to the bottles, wand raised at the ready. “Am I the only one who actually wants to leave this infernal place tonight?”

Harry manages to bite his tongue, staving off the caustic retort that was only seconds from slipping out. He and Draco are on their final written warning – one more fight and they will both be on suspension from active duty, pending partner re-allocation. Despite Malfoy constantly rubbing him up the wrong way and belittling him at nearly every opportunity, Harry likes the familiar acidic banter between them and really doesn't want a different partner. Not to mention the fact that Malfoy is hot and Harry likes nothing more than to stare at Draco when he isn’t looking and conjure up all sorts of dark and dirty scenarios; most of which, if not all, involve a distinct lack of clothing and multiple lubrication charms.

Draco mutters the required spell, a quick swish and flick of his wrist to finish it off. Harry almost sighs at the graceful movement of Malfoy’s long limbs, but thankfully manages to rein it in before the traitorous sound escapes. Mumbled curses and a loud scuffling from behind causes both wizards to turn around sharply, their faces wearing matching expressions of horror as they watch Ron tumble backwards through the door, grabbing hold of the handle for balance, and inadvertently pulling it shut behind him. The loud clank, as the door locks into place, reverberates around the suddenly pitch black room.

I could have quoted the whole story here.
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Title:Autumn is a second Spring
Artist:[ profile] isinuyasha
Rating:PG or PG-13
Warnings:None at all really
Additional Notes:Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus

Made with photoshop CS3

Why I loved it:I'm completely amazed that this gorgeous piece of art has never been recced before. I'm boggled by this but I will rec it happily. The gorgeous colors she used are perfect it captures Autumn at it's most beautiful.

The lines are clear and pure...the details are perfect with Draco's gaze and Harry's caress. The blaze and glory of Fall in the background it's perfection.

The sun is lowering in the sky and illuminates the loving couple engrossed in nothing but each other. Draco is wearing gloves and a H necklace *happy sighs*
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I'm back with two more recs, I just read these the other night.

Author:[ profile] leo_draconis
Word Count:2,362
Warnings:Rimming is that a warning? To me it makes me REALLY want to read it :)
Summary:Stuck inside for a snowy weekend, Harry is pleased when his work partner comes over, even if it's for business. Soon business is the last thing on either of their minds.

Why I loved it:Well I could just say it's leo and leave it at that. But I won't this is one must read it is perfect really just perfect. It makes you feel warm and tingly while reading and warm and fuzzy. She has such a way with writing Draco as he teaches Harry everything about the art form of rimming. It makes me shiver as he gives his lesson. It's hot hot hot!


"What do you want me to say?" Harry threw up his hands. "I like working with you. I like spending time with you full stop. I look forward to the mind-numbing Ministry functions we're forced to attend because I get to see you in dress robes and I like seeing you smile, even if it's not for me. I want to ask you to leave with me when you stay late every night, just so I can make sure you're actually eating a real meal for once instead of half of a salad at your desk because you're too bloody thin. I want to…" He sighed. "I want to know you better, outside of the office."

Draco stared at him for a long moment. "Well. I… well."

"Right." Harry looked away. "Look, let's just look at the proposal, yeah? Then you can go home and pretend I never said any of that, and we can go back to coexisting the way we did before."

"Maybe that's not what I want."

Harry tilted his head. "No?"

Title:Everything After
Author:[ profile] leo_draconis
Word Count:8,375
Warnings:This definitely deals with some tough subject matter, and there is non-con ahead – some scenes less graphic and some more so. Definite angst. Please be warned. Also, this follows a non-linear pattern. All that said, I hope you'll give this a chance and read it!!
Summary:When Harry is kidnapped and held prisoner for several days, the horrors he withstands are numerous. He's sure that Draco will never want to continue their fledgling relationship when he finds out how soiled he is now, and Draco is determined to show him that he's wrong.

Why I loved it:You might need some tissues for this stunning story but it is one of the best h/c stories I have read. You are there with both of the boys as they deal with being the victim and trying to comfort the one you love. This is very realistic with how it's portrayed and how the story unfolds.

Harry is brilliant of coarse but leo does and exceptional job at Draco(she always does a lovely job with him as a character) and how he reacts to what is going on with everything.

Ron and Hermione are great in this story as well good solid supporting friends.

This should be read for a powerful and lovely story that will stick with you...


Read more... )
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I'm back with two more recs, I just read these the other night.

Author:[ profile] faithwood
Word Count:7,500
Warnings:This is angsty
Summary:Two years after their break up, Harry and Draco meet again under familiar circumstances: Draco is in danger, Harry saves him.

Why I loved it:Well I could just say it's faith and leave it at that. But she wrote this beautiful amazing brilliant story. It has some heart-wrentching angst in it but you can trust faith to delever a perfect and wonderful ending.

She writes both Harry and Draco with a very realistic voice for them both. They can both admit they made mistakes and are not perfect. With the story you feel tension but as it get's to the ending you are grinning ear to ear. :)


I missed his voice, Draco thought. More than anything, he had missed Potter's voice. How soothing it was when Potter spoke softly, how rich when he was angry, low and vibrant when he was aroused. He hadn't seen Potter for almost two years; he hadn't realized how much he had missed him. Potter's touch had never felt more reassuring. Draco's hands relished Potter's warm grasp; he hoped Potter would not pull back too soon. "He's not a very rational person. He seemed to have forgotten his plan soon enough." Fenrir wanted to eat me. Draco's heart beat too fast. He willed himself to calm down.

"He never got the chance to bite you, though. I've checked."

Draco looked down at his lap. He was wearing a pair of flannel pyjamas that definitely weren't his. Potter must have stripped him, examined him, dressed him. He wondered how Potter had felt in those moments. Did he stare at Draco's skin and remember how he used to trace it with his tongue? Or was he detached, focused on what needed to be done?

Title:Bake Me, I'm Yours Part 1 and 2
Author:[ profile] virginia
Word Count:13,000
Summary:In which Draco is cruelly transfigured into a cupcake and happens to fall into the hands of a hungry Harry Potter.

Why I loved it:This was reced a couple times but should be read and laughed over. You site their and just can't believe your reading 13,000 words were most of it Draco is a cupcake and just looooove it and wish it had gone on longer. The story has credibale charactersation,a witty and wonderful plot.

This is something different and unique it's just brilliant and delicious you wont look at cupcakes the same way again *g*

The link at the bottom of the page takes you to the second part...


Draco Malfoy, in the entirety of his eventful, albeit still short existence, has never been rammed without his consent into a situation as sticky, thorny, and humiliating as this.

He's been witnessed by an entire stadium worth of raucously giggling Hogwarts students plunging gracelessly to the ground and wrestling with the tangles of his robes during his unsuccessful attempt to impersonate a dementor to induce fear in Potter and dampen his Quidditch abilities when beneath him, Crabbe's shoulders had quivered and brought the entire scheme to a shaky end. He's been caught by McGonagall's vigilant eyes in the middle of a Transfiguration test when he peered over Blaise's shoulder for the answer to number twelve after a night of sneaking out to play Quidditch instead of study over the process of turning into an Animagus. He's even been caught by a thoroughly flustered Narcissa frozen in the bathroom doorway when she waltzed to the toilet in search of Draco only to find her son releasing some of his pent-up adolescent hormones with the aid of his hand.

However, he is positive that this situation trumps all of the above, and will continue to be victorious in levels of extremity concerning embarrassment in future moments of ridicule to be cursed upon him.

This is probably because Draco Malfoy is currently a cupcake.
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Hi your friendly reccer back for a couple art recs this time...I had to post some of stellas gorgeous artwork. :)

Title:Coming Home
Artist:[ profile] stellamoon
Additional Notes:graphite on paper, colored in Photoshop

Why I loved it:Why this absolutly amazingly gorgeous art of stellas is not already reced I have no idea. It is just one of the most beautiful pieces of artwork ever drawn the colors she used are perfection. I just looooove everything about it their position,their skintone,their hair,eyes every little detail is just brilliant.

Ahhhh that lovely red shirt *sighs*

Artist:[ profile] stellamoon
Additional Notes:Photoshop painting

Why I loved it:This is actually drawn before Coming Home and is just stunning as usual. Harry is missing Draco and Draco is in Harry's mind or in the background is riviting. Harry has such a look of longing in his expressive eyes. You can feel how much he misses Draco and longs for his lovers return home. He is wearing that gorgeous red shirt.*sighs*
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I'm your new recer for this month of September but I swear I will post some happy fluff as well.

Title:Come In From The Cold
Author:[ profile] oldenuf2nb
Word Count:1,700
Summary:Draco is in a relationship with Harry and is forced to choose between his father or Harry.

Why I loved it:This story is so lovely and touching it pulls at your heartstrings...All her writing is suberb and brilliant...This is no exception. She portrays everyone so realisticaly and beautifully. Her characters are ic and this leaves you with a lump in your throat and amazed it is less than 2000 words with how much she pours into this story.


The antechamber had been dismal and stuffy, and he’d lingered near the door as his parents had embraced for what would prove to be the last time. He’d waited, watching, as his father’s head had lifted, and he’d stiffened as he’d seen the cold fury in that unblinking regard. )
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Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: R (NWS)
Summary: Sometimes when I see your face, I think of what might have been.
Notes: Multi-paneled! :-)

This is beyond beautiful to have her talent..Her work awes me and almost makes me speechless it makes me gasp...Her Draco looks the the very pretty Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Harry is sexy and he smokes in this which is so hot. This is truly breathtaking and it sets your blood on fire. :)

Title:Worth Any Price
Characters: Scorpius
Rating: PG
Created with: Painter X
Notes: This is for darling [ profile] ineffably_roma, for her generous contribution to help_haiti. It's of Scorpius from her story,Possession of the Heart, which is absolutely incredible and a must-read!

Her Scorpius is just stunning such beauty in his face and as always the colors she uses are perfection. This is so powerful and it blows you away with her detail. The pattern on his shirt is genius.

Also I am reading the story now that the art was drawn for and I'm hooked on every word this is one amazing must read. Her Scorpius is so alone in this fic and your heart breaks for him. It's Harry/Scorpius and it's so lovely!

Check out these two if you haven't already or look again and squeeee some more.
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Title:Staying For Dessert
Author: [ profile] hpfangirl71
Word Count: 1300
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC 17.
Warning: Slash Pairing, Graphic Sex, Language, Dirty Talk, Parselsmut, Wall!sex, Teasing and Smut. No Real Plot
Disclaimer: I dont own the boys or any other HP characters... they all belong to JK Rowling. I only use them for my own pornographic means and then put them back, no worse for the wear.

Why I loved this:OMG just OMG you guys need to read this you will thank me...She wrote this for my friend [ profile] bleedforyou1s comment fest....I asked for Harry goes over to Malfoy Manor for a dinner date with Draco and is promptly (figurtavly not litterly) knocked on his arse by the sexy Slytherin. Draco is wearing a silk shirt,tight jeans and kohl around his eyes. Harry wants Draco more than dinner :)

Draco knows this and teases or torments Harry subtely. Harry finally snapes and looses control.

Take the date as far as you want but if they have sex I'd like dirty talk and desperation for each other. Also if one can pin the other to the floor or wall mmmmmmm to that!

She loved my prompt and I love that she wrote it so well and added parselsmut *guh* ;)

A small excerpt: As he exited the sitting room, Harry got the shock of his life. Draco was descending the staircase like sex on legs. Harry’s eyes roamed appreciatively up the man’s gorgeous body, taking in the skintight jeans clinging to every curve of Draco’s perfectly formed arse. Next, his eyes landed on the dark blue silk shirt, which perfectly complimented Draco’s pale coloring and lay unbuttoned just low enough to show off the fine blond hairs upon his muscularly toned chest. Harry thanked the powers to be for the fact that Hermione had insisted that he wear his baggy grey trousers to this dinner because they were now cleverly hiding the hard on he’d only just begun sporting.


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