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Well hubby and I last night watched a great and entertaing movie from Net-flix called Appaloosa with Viggo and Ed Harris in it it was a very good movie I thought. It was pretty much 2 hours but didn't feel like it when watching it was pretty fast paced.

I like Viggo with the facial hair it grows on me and fits his role. I like him and Ed in movies together they work well as a pair. I loved them in A History of Violence.

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We have been buying movies like crazy with Blockbuster leaving us :)

Besisde the ones I have already mentioned in a previous post here is another list...

Goods-Jeremy Piven

Repo Men-Jude Law and Forest Whitaker

The Weight of Water-Sean Penn-Sarah Polley-Josh Lucas-Elizabeth Hurley

Vantage Point-Dennis Quaid-Matthew Fox-Forest Whitaker-William Hurt

88 Minutes-Al Pacino

Green Zone-Matt Damon

The Ghost Writer-Pierce Brosnan-Ewan McGregor

The Final Destination

Valentine-David Boreanaz-Denise Richards

Whiteout-Kate Beckinsale

Untraceable-Diane Lane

I want to go back today and buy A Single Man with Colin Firth and watch it I haven't seen it but for 3 bucks that's fine with me.
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I have watched District 9,Inglorious Bastards and Zombieland. I loooooooved Zombieland it made me scream,jump and LOL throughout the whole thing. My family agrees that it's just brilliant and so much fun to watch. Of coarse we love Zombie spoofs anyways.(Shaun of the Dead)

I would like to see 9 and I can hopefully tomorrow on my day off. I'll run to the bank first and go see it at least that's the plan for right now.

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Woody Harrelson *rocks*
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15 Movies in 15 Minutes - gacked from [ profile] roelliej

Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen movies you've seen that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

1 The Breakfast Club
2 Titanic
3 Lord Of The Rings-trilogy
4 Sense and Sesibility
5 Beautiful Thing
6 A Room With A View
7 Maurice
8 Halloween (1978)
9 The Godfather-trilogy
10 Wonder Boys
11 Stand By Me
12 The Exorcist
13 Scream
14 Emma
15 The Good Son
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Well it's after 3:00 and I'm off to bed I'm just wishing everyone a wonderful day today. *hugs and smooches*

Tomorrow we are going to see Shrek The Third for our summer movie this week and looking forward to it because we have not seen it yet. I finally borrowed Eastern Promises from my cousin and I'm glad I did it was very good and Viggo was amazing and sexy of coarse but I probably won't buy it and watch it over and over again unlike History Of Violence. I own that one it's a wonderful movie.

Good Morning

Viggo in black

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Iron Man was so fantastic and wonderful if you just watch it to drool over the hotness of Robert Downey Jr. that's okay too the man is still so drool-worthy. My husband and I both enjoyed it a lot. Hugs to all and have a great day today :)

Good morning-cat

Iron Man-lidi

Iron Man-lidi
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I've just bought four more movies to watch and I'm looking forwards to finding the time to sit down and watch all of them. I bought disturbia with Shia LaBeouf, Blades of Glory with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder, Zodiac with Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. and Fracture with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. The only one I've watched so far is Zodiac and it was very good. I really like to drool over Jake and Robert they are so *HOT*

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*hugs and smooches*


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