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30 – If you could bring back a dead character who would it be?

I think even though I want to bring back all the dead characters. I will pick Sirius Black, I would bring him back for Harry Potter. I wish for him to have more happiness in his life.
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29 - A character you hate that everyone else loves?

I have thought about this question for awile now and decided that no one is my answer. I don't believe I hate anyone that everyone loves. I am pretty sure everone I love and hate are the same as all of you. *hugs*
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28 - Favorite friendship?
My favorite frienship would be the one between Harry and Hermione. I think men and women can be great friends and they did prove it. :)
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27 - A really emotional scene/moment?

There were so many emotion moments for me, Hedwig and Dobby's deaths not to mention so many other happy and sad moments.

I think this one was the most emotional for me...When Harry's in the forest, talking to James, Sirius, Remus and Lily. I loved this touching moment.
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26 – Most Missed Dead Character?

Well everyone knows how much I love Snape. But I will have to say Fred, George is missing a twin. It just feels wrong without them being together. I would say Sirius once again is a super close second.
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25 – Who would be your best friends at Hogwarts? (three only)

I would have to say Luna would be one and I'm not sure if I would have had to many friends. I would have been a girl in Hufflepuff that happens to be attracted to Slytherin's. Yet the Slytherin's wouldn't have liked me back. Such as life *sighs*

A quick edit to say I would have enjoyed having Hagrid as a friend. :)
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24 - Dumbledore’s Army? The Order of the Phoenix? The Death Eaters?
I know I don't want to be a death eater for any reason. I think I'd like to be in Dumbledore's Army. It is run by kids and I'd like to be in that with them.
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23 – Favorite Magical Creature?

I believe it would be house-elves, cause I think everyone wants one of those. :)
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22 - Favorite non-canon ship?

I'd have to say Harry/Draco should be cannon but since they are not, it would be them. :)

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21. Least Favorite Professor?
I have given this some thought, as a Professor Snape was mean to the other houses. I believe he was a genious with potions though and knew how to teach.

My least favorite would be that bitch Dolorus Umbridge. I loath her soooooooo much, I would have applauded if she would have been hit by any nasty curse.

I can be very bloodthirsty at times. LOL!
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20 - Favorite Professor?

Rubeus Hagrid is my favorite I like his sweet and kind nature to people and animals. :)

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19 - Funniest moment?

I would have to say if the Weasley twins were involved, I laughed and thought it was the funniest moment. :)
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18 – Favorite Patronus?

My favorite one is Harry Potters stag patronus, it is so beautiful also his feelings he has for his father .... :)
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17 - Favorite Marauder?

I think I will pick Remus as my favorite, there is just something I really like about him. :)
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16 - Favorite scenery/locations?

Hogwarts, anytime you see that scool in a sunset or sunrise it's just so beautiful.
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15 – Rate the Houses from most to least Favorite.

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14 - Favorite villain/death eater?

I loved Helena's crazy Bellatrix, she was brilliant in her role.

But I have to pick Lucius Malfoy he was the best and sexiest bad man. He was so suave and evil at the same time. He could frighten just with one look aimed at you. He rocked out as a bad man.
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13 – Favorite Book cover?

The picture of full cover spread for US edition of Harry Potter the Deathly Harrows. It's a wrap around and is super cool looking.....

Picture of book under cut )
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12 - A death you wish didn’t happen?

Once again I have to answer it with Snape, I wanted him to live. Yet me chanting in my head don't die, please don't die just didn't work :(
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11 - Saddest scene?

This one is hard to answer so many sad scenes that were painful to watch.

Hedwig,Dobby,Fred,Sirius and Snape :(

But I think Snape's death hit me hardest if I could change it to were he lives I would have. I think Sirius Black is a close second though very close.


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