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Well I'm off to bed pretty early for me but I'm awfully tired. It's only a little after 12:00 *yikes*

I had a job interview Saturday night at Home Depot at 6:00 and I have one with Pet Land at 6:45 so wish me luck with finally finding my second job. We need me to get more hours asap. I haven't had any luck finding anything for months. Say a prayer or cross your fingers for me. Good night all!

Sleep well or Good morning :)Have pleasant Harry Potter or LOTR dreams. LOL!

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I hope everyone had a good day yesterday and has a great day today too. *hugs to all*
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I posted this last May but I thought this needed reposting :)

Good morning everyone I'm sending you all *hugs and smooches* to everyone.

Good morning-cat

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I just thought I'd share some Domlijah hotness with you.

Elijah's body writhes and thrashes under Dom's skilled and talented mouth, lips and tongue. He gasps and moans as Dom kisses, licks and sucks every inch of his chest and stomach, slowly tormenting his hot slick skin. His body feels on fire with lust, need and desperation for Dom as Dom slowly works his way down his body he pauses to swirl his tongue inside his bellybutton. Elijah's legs fall open further allowing Dom to take what he wants from him.

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I noticed lj and my kids computer are both working so much faster now. I hope this continues and it doesn't slow down again. I'm afraid our computer isn't long for this world it's going downhill fast. We might save it but it will take it back to the way it was when we just bought it so I'm not sure if that means I will loose everything in my sidebar or not. I hope not I had over 800 fics etc saved to read in these next couple months. I hate to think that we have problems so soon with this computer. *hugs and smooches*


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I hope everyone has a great day today. I'm off to bed have a good night or morning wherever you live.

Our son gets home from St.Louis later so I hope the roads will be clear and we will get no more snow. It's beautiful but not good for the roads.
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Well I'm going to bed I have had a busy day today with work and the cookie exchange party I went to. It was fun and a lot of good cookies made.

It's so cold outside I'm ready to move to Florida now. It's the same every year at this time. I hate the cold weather and snow *sighs* and I live here.

Good night everyone *hugs and smooches*

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Good night or good morning. Have a good Tuesday I'll be gone most the day cleaning one of our big houses and working afterwards. *hugs and smooches*

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More sexiness behind the cut...

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Well I had a fine day today and the back to school rush is over until next year. I love this unusual August weather we are having lately it's beautiful these last few weeks.

The Faculty is on tv again but I really enjoy watching it so I'm fine with that. I'll look at Elijah anytime and Josh is dreamy to *happy sighs*

I'm so happy with all the posting that I did so far this week helping my team out finally go *Aurors*

I'm also very happy because I'm working on a new Dom/Lijah and that is good news for all you D/E fans on my flist. I also have a interesting idea for a Viggo/Elijah fic so I hope to start writing that one soon also. I hope to keep my beta's busy this week. *hugs to all*


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Thanks to [ profile] summershobbit for the beautiful banner.


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