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Happy Froday everyone...I hope we are all having a good day and will have a fantastic weekend. *smooshes everyone*

I didn't lock this in case a few Elijah and Dom fans wanted to check this out :)

Dan and Tom being cute :)

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Elijah and Dom being cute :)

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More sexy guys being sexy together with hugs and kisses etc )
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I hope everyone had a good Froday today. I am so excited cause tomorrow hubby,daughter, grandbaby and I will all go to watch The Woman In Black. I really want to watch it on the big screen and get scared. I will let you all know what I think of it of coarse.

I have to get up for work early so night night....

I do know I will drool over Daniel like crazy. He looks so yummy. :))))

Oh yeah and Happy Froday the 13th :)

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Happy Froday to all my friends. I hope you have had a good week so far and a even better weekend. This is for all my new and older friends and it has been to long that I have done a picture post so I got carried away :)



There are also some sexay half naked men under the cut so check it out :)

More hotties under cut a massive picture post,Lotr,HP,Supernatural,Sherlock Holmes,True Blood,Pirates,Bon Jovi,Megan Fox,Buffy,Vampires oh my )
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I'm wishing all my friends a very happy Froday today, in honor I thought I'd post two of my favorite videos. This kiss is soooooooo sexy and it always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I have it on a old VHS copy and have rewound it and watched it over and over again. This scene and were they dance at the end. *happy sighs*

For a few years now I have looked for Beautiful Thing DVD at the Half Price book store but can never find it, I will not get discouraged though, I will run across it someday. That is my oppimsism shinning though. :)

A link BeautifulThing

The sweet dance at the end...

A link BeautifulThing
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I saw in a earlier post a friend of mine asked to name some brilliant songs that you never get tired of and always love to listen to again and again...

Here are a few of my personal favorite ones.....

I adore him even if he isn't wearing eyeliner wow is Adam amazing :)

I will stop now the computer is sounding scary already....If I think of more favorite songs I'll add more another day...It was fun to think of these....
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I'm having an okay day I guess, with the computer I don't have a lot of time to be on but thought I'd post some pictures for Froday :)

So please check them all out and I'm warning for some very sexy pics of Dan and Tom as well as Elijah and Dom of coarse! :)

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More sexy pictures under cut of Harry Potter cast )
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Well we just got home from the midnight showing of Harry Potter thanks to my son loaning my daughter and I the money. We both were excited to get to watch it and liked it lots and lots.

I'm not going to spoil anything but just happy we were able to watch it tonight. Ohhh as always I think there should be more Draco in it but I always say this after every movie so that never changes LOL! :) :) :)

Happy Froday *hugs and smooches* xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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To my oversees friends...

123tagged.Com - More Good Morning Comments

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Hey it's Froday and what a week it's been time is flying by but I'm looking forward to the upcoming weekened I guess. :)

But let's squeeee over it being Froday today so here are some guys celebrating today and the weekened :)

ruptom1 Pictures, Images and Photos

More partying under cut )
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I hope everyone has a fantastic Froday and weekend coming up. I'll start with something sexy and work in somethings that are funny as well. *hugs* xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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I just realized not to long ago that it's Froday so happy Froday everyone. I hope you all can stay warm on this bitter cold day. I paid someone 20 dollars to shovel our driveway today. I enjoyed getting that done so easily for Mr.lijahlover.

Lets enjoy these hot men on this cold day of winter.

The first one is our prettiest of Hobbits *g*

me Pictures, Images and Photos

The second is our sexiest Wizard next to Tom (were we want him). *g*

harry potter Pictures, Images and Photos

Under the cut is a massive picture post of Elijah,Dan,Tom,Dom(naked),Viggo,Harry,Draco )


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