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Elijah promises it will happen...

Elijah Wood‏@woodelijah

@DomsWildThings as soon as you return, this will happen

It looks like we will get pictures of Dom and Elijah's Lego night together. *yay*

Dominic Monaghan‏@DomsWildThings

And YES! Tweet pics to come of our LEGO day!!!
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Twitter is full of Elijah and Dom tweets and it's making me happy :)

Here are some......

Dominic Monaghan‏@DomsWildThings

Listen,I'm just saying,next time I have 2 free days I'm inviting @woodelijah over to my place n we are building a Lego Millennium Falcon.

Dom pulls an angry face but signs it kisses....Oh Dom is scary LOL!

Dominic Monaghan‏@DomsWildThings

@woodelijah and he's only just finding this out via twitter,and if he suggests a Macano(sp) robot I will bring out my angry face. Kisses.

Elijah Wood‏@woodelijah

@DomsWildThings millennium falcon, it is!

Dominic Monaghan‏@DomsWildThings

Let me just be clear @woodelijah will make it at breakneck speed,while I point and add glamour pieces like gun turrets and lights

Dominic Monaghan‏@DomsWildThings

Then @woodelijah will leave,n in placing it on my coffee table I will break it and stomp around the house as if I now have monster feet.

Oh Dom how much I love you and your silliness :)
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Awwwww Dom answered more questions and I loved them of coarse :)

Who's funnier? Elijah or Billy?

@winzeee billy.Elijah is sweeter and has such great qualities to him,I love him,but even eliJah would say billy is funnier.
— Dominic Monaghan (@DomsWildThings) May 6, 2012

Awwwwww well yes Elijah is sweet :)

Why the specific favourite age of 22 and 35? Something really memorable?

@cryschin I'm 35 now. So I'm embracing it. 22 I was making lotr.

Wow how fast time flies...
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Yum food tonight with @elijahwood and @jtothez. Baby squid and chick peas.STILL HUNGRY!!…
— Dominic Monaghan (@DomsWildThings) April 17, 2012
Of coarse he means woodelijah but Dom is well Dom and we love him for it :)))))))

And then this:

There is nothing sadder than refusing to fall in love again.hold on my friends.the most amazing thing is about to happen. Good night. Xxx
— Dominic Monaghan (@DomsWildThings) April 17, 2012
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Dom's tweets put such a smile on my face. He had a few fans ask him questions and he answered them. I don't have the questions but his answers are to cute. I missed asking him a question though *pouts*

.@RainbowCocoPuff yes. Billy is one of the most special experiences I could have ever wished for.he is a joyful experience.


And.....@sarahnwrap I didn't enjoy beating him up. I wouldn't do it again. Elijah is too nice. Hes in my heart.

In my heart *happy sighs*

Favourite LOTR character:

duh merry!!and Aragorn. Vigo is a stud(He is a stud) ;)

His favourite LOTR memory:

the amazing lifelong friends I made.



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